GIS- Analysis and Implementation

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GIS- Analysis and Implementation

The work involves GIS services such as geo-referencing,satellite image processing,image classification,digitization,attribution, theme creation, map preparation, data analysis and report generation, computer aided designing and drafting services and remote sensing services.

GIS Works done by SFA

SFA has been working with the local and national governmental organisations for a long time now and understands the uniqueness and confidentiality of GIS based solutions.We have developed GIS integrated MIS solutions for Health Department, Department of Veterinary Council, Department of Soil and few private clients as well.

We have worked in urban and municipal domain for GIS implementation:

Urban Infrastructure planning, development, maintenance and analysis for the future infrastructure requires a robust municipal GIS system in place. The generation of thematic map / zoning map create a high visual impact and have been used for assessment of several sectors such as for water network planning, property mapping by assessor, maintenance of cities and civic amenities services, etc.