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SFA Technologies provide widening outreach

SFA technologies provide multifarious digital solutions and services tailored to the customized needs of our clients. From small sized enterprises to corporate bodies, we cater to the digital requirements of all with equal interest and passion. Headquartered in Bhopal, our functional areas include a wide spectrum of services including Capacity Building, Data Management, Technological Solutions, Quality Engineering, Surveillance, Business Process Outsourcing and specially Resource Development Training. Our 360 degree model of service delivery ensures impeccable quality standards.

Our ITES/ BPO unit with its latest state of art infrastructure provides end to end solutions using reliable process methodologies and integrated IT and Business Process Solutions. Our excellence framework ensures best industry standards, cost effective solutions and result oriented benefits. Giving utmost priority to the client's perspective, we focus on productivity optimization and improving process and end metrics. Drawing on the rich experience of our management team, we believe that our work is our identity.


We offer writing services in the following categories.

Our office is in a prime location in Bhopal and has a capacity of 100 seats which can be converted into 300 operational seats. We also offer 24*7 data management services. We have a dedicated fiber optic bandwidth which assures quality transmission. Our uninterrupted power supply mechanism and generator back up offers consistent and continuous stream of transmission.


  • Fiber optic International Private Lease Circuit for high speed voice and data
  • Predictive dialer altitude solution for outbound campaign
  • BSNL leased data
  • CAT6 cabling for voice and data transfer.

Security Protocol

We offer multi pronged security mechanisms which includes both system based and physical security. We sign a non-disclosure agreement with you at the outset and all our systems are password protected. USB ports are disabled on all machines. Although we keep a constant vigil in our office we have restricted internet access also to protect confidential data. The whole area comes under the surveillance of CCTV cameras and all those who enter the premises have to undergo a security check. Mobiles, PDAs, bags, pens, and papers are not allowed here. And our employees are screened through biometric entrance system. We have also installed fire and alarm services. We also follow diligently, a monthly back-up system in order to protect data.

Quality Assurance:

The highest level of quality is ensured here as we follow the net promoter score in office management. We have a core team of experienced personnel and our dedicated staffs possess the required skill set to bring out quality inputs.

Services offered:

We offer an extensive portfolio of services and solutions for umpteen numbers of verticals like Banking, Travel, Telecom, Insurance, Health Care, Airports, Yellow Pages, Retail, Research, Human Resource Development, Customer Care, Finance and Business Development. We provide inbound, outbound, web and mobile based as well as back office services. Our full range of management services help you to drive sales growth and our data management services help you in data modeling, data warehousing and data mining.