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Digital Marketing

To achieve more than internet presence and remarkable digital marketing success, SFA has come up with an exhaustive framework for establishing a customer’s brand in a digital manner. Before we begin the implementation, our team will gain a thorough understanding of your primary and secondary audiences and what motivates them to respond to a call to action. In addition, we will maintain meaningful continuity in your ongoing communications activities. Based on analysis, our team will create multi-faceted Digital Marketing programs, including:

  • Email campaigns that differentiate from the competition and create leads
  • Electronic marketing such as banner ads, e-Newsletters, blogs, social media

Social Media Marketing

When we say digital marketing, the first thing which comes to our mind is social media. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social networks have experienced unprecedented popularity in recent years. They are the great ways to build awareness, distribute information, create community, improve customer service, as well as increase sales—all at a fraction of the cost of conventional media. We have a dedicated team of Digital and Social media marketing experts. We know what works and what doesn't. With each social network there are distinct differences in how to best communicate your message effectively. We can assist you in identifying your best social networking opportunities, and setting up and managing your social networking accounts. We'll advise you on best practices while you interact with your community. If you prefer, you can leave the interactions to us.

Search Engine Optimisation

Digital marketing is incomplete without effective SEO. SFA’s SEO team is expertise in offering services designed to get the search results as per your website and hence bring a wider audience awareness to your company and its products.

We develop a tailored SEO program to deliver the type and quantity of visitors you really want on your website, not the ones we think you want or look good on a graph. Our Search Engine Optimization programs are designed to deliver results by combining our knowledge of the technical aspects of the search engine operations with an understanding of your products and market.