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We follow industry best practices and offer you nothing but the best services, while still maintaining considerably low development costs as compared to our competitors. We have talented team of mobile app developers, streamlined mobile app development processes, and more importantly, the ability to scale up to meet your demands.

Mobile app development has become the need of the hour for consumer-focused businesses. In the world where smartphones and tablet computers have become indispensable, mobile apps play a crucial role in business-consumer interaction.

With the advent of modern mobile Operating Systems such as Android, iOS and Windows, the target market for mobile apps has grown exponentially. At SFA Technologies, we offer feature-rich mobile app development services that ensure your ideas are implemented to develop an app which suits your requirements perfectly.

SFA’s Mobile App Development Services

We have developed numerous mobile applications for various clients and helped push their business towards profitability. Our services include -

  1. Native Mobile App Development

    Native mobile apps perform faster than any of their hybrid or web-based counterparts. It is extremely important that your native mobile app solution is not only easy to grasp and use, but also follows the design principles of the operating system it was built for. Our native mobile apps are engineered from the ground up keeping the design principles of the OS, the in-app UI, and the overall functionality of the app in mind. We have experience in developing apps for:

    • Android OS
    • iOS (iPhone and iPad)
    • Universal Windows Apps (Windows Phone, Tablet, and Desktop)
    • Blackberry OS
  2. Hybrid/Cross-platform App Development

  3. SFA can help you build mobile apps that are cross-platform in nature and hence allow your business reach a wider demographic as opposed to the restricted reach that applications catering to a particular platform offer. Our hybrid apps are predominantly built using HTML5 and JavaScript which are then wrapped in a thin, lightweight native container for enhanced functionality.

    Our IT staffing solutions for mobile app developers ensure we can develop an app for your chosen mobile platform without any hassles. Our services offer fast-track and low-cost development for cross-platform apps that perform equally well on multiple platforms. Our Hybrid apps support all popular mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows.

  4. Responsive Web-based Mobile Apps

  5. Responsive web apps are generally built using HTML5 and are especially useful for clients who generate maximum revenue from their online presence such as e-commerce websites, etc. Not only do we ensure that the web based apps created by us rank prominently on the major search engines, but also load faster, while responsively adapting to all possible screen sizes. So whether you are using a smartphone or a tablet, our apps always look perfect and remain functional, while scaling to the display resolution.

Why Choose Our for Mobile App Development?

Our approach allows us to deliver high-quality apps to our clients and meet deadlines without ever compromising on the features and usability. Our key differentiators include -

  • Dedicated Team:

    Before starting a project, we assemble a team which fits your exact requirements and works dedicatedly on your project. Our mobile developers have a minimum of 5 years of experience and are experts in enterprise, e-commerce, gaming and utility apps

  • Development Phase:

    We understand that software development is a dynamic process, and it is impossible to anticipate each and every scenario that might occur during development. However, years of domain expertise, presence of an experienced team and our reliance on proven development methodologies ensures delivery of a high quality mobile application at all times.

  • End-to-End Solutions:

    Developing a mobile application is only a part of the process. At SFA, based upon our clients requirements, we can also provide on-going support for apps including regular maintenance and updates so as to engage as well as drawn-in new users.

  • Competitive Pricing:

    Our services are highly cost-effective and reliable, ensuring you receive the highest return on your investment with the help of a feature-complete mobile app delivered within the requested time period

  • Transparency:

    From regular Skype/conference calls, email updates, daily status reports, and even onsite visits if necessary, our dedicated project managers ensure you are always kept within the loop during each and every stage of the product development cycle. As a result, the final build of the mobile application is always as per your requirements.

Get in touch with us now, and see for yourselves how our mobile application development services can help you expand your customer base, grow your business, and reach out to whole new heights and profitability

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