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Software Testing

Nowadays organizations are increasingly looking at outsourced software testing to augment their in-house testing capabilities as nearly 40% of IT budgets now being spent on software testing,. Organizations are leveraging the services of dedicated software testing companies to achieve consistent software quality practices across the enterprise.

SFA’s sound testing methodologies are customized to meet your business needs and to produce secure and scalable software testing solutions that help align IT systems to your business goals.

SFA’s Methodology for Software Testing

Our testing team devises specific software test methodology and test strategies to create customized test plans that best suit your business practices and needs.

We follow an iterative approach to software testing process, beginning from the very early stages in the development cycle. Introducing iterative testing early on in the development lifecycle requires planning ahead by developers and testers and a greater collaboration between them.

Our software testing methodology goes through the following iterative stages:

  • Definition of test scope and structure
  • Designing test plan
  • Designing test models from use cases
  • Test implementation
  • Test Reports
  • Customer feedback and debugging

Our testing processes are constantly being upgraded with the use of templates, checklists and guidelines. We also focus on proper documentation and updating of testing methodologies so that new inputs are recorded and knowledge sharing achieved.

Outsource Software Testing Services to SFA

Outsource your software testing needs to SFA and minimize the cost and time spent on software testing and improve the quality of delivered systems.

Whether you are looking for an independent testing activity or comprehensive testing solutions we can provide you a suite of testing solutions that are best suited for your business needs.

SFA offers a range of highly software testing services to many organizations around the world.

We have an skilled and cost-effective Custom Software Development Services, Software Maintenance Services and Product Development Services. Outsource software testing services to SFA to enhance your Quality Assurance(QA) and testing capabilities.