Coopretive Dairy ERP

We have developed integrated cow to consumer ERP (We based ) system. Entire activities of federation has been covered in this ERP. This system in based on drill down structure (Minimum entries & maximum out put). It’s web based system & only authorized user can access. System is having facility of audit trial.

Key functions of ERP :

  • Tanker movement from plant through E-Chillan System only.
  • E-Chillan verification process is mandatory at plant level.
  • Mismatch report are available from milk collection center to plant.
  • Facility to producer wise milk collection through ERP.
  • Facility to producers passbook (Online).
  • Facility to farmers milk card (QR Based).
  • Complete milk collection & transport to plant through ERP.
  • Collected milk quality analysis.
  • Online producers & DCS payments calculation FAT & SNF wise
  • Online demand collection from parlor’s/ Distributor's/ Stockiest .
  • Milk route wise planning for milk & products
  • Crate management system.
  • Online distributer invoice system with ledgers.
  • Plant production planning & sheet .
  • Plant disposal sheet with FAT & SNF accounting.
  • Daily / hourly / shift wise quality testing & analysis
  • Complete cattle feed production monitoring.
  • Online purchase order management.
  • Online stock availability process with re-order level.
  • Entire system integrated with finance.
  • Complete web based accounting & taxation system.
  • Analytical dashboard.
  • Various types of monitoring reports.
  • Establishment & other modules

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